Air Duct Cleaning and Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

A-1 Environmental Services makes use of state-of-the-art equipment and utilizes a procedure that makes use of Negative Air Pressure to the air duct system. This type of cleaning technique is the safest and most efficient removal technique currently available, and is approved by the EPA. The Negative Air system uses compressed air and physical agitation to break debris free. The resulting debris are then forced out the ductwork while a strong vacuum below pulls the loosened material out of the Air Duct system. Different from other Air Vent cleaning processes, no large, potentially destructive heavy brushes are used, therefore, completely removing the possibility of breaking the delicate material that makes-up an air duct.

Air Duct Cleaning San Jose CA - We encourage frequent Air Duct Cleaning about every 2-4 years. Commercial Air Duct Cleaning should always be done after any kind of major remodeling.

As well as cleaning your air vents, we offer air duct sanitizing that will minimize microbial pollution such as mold and bacteria in your air duct system. Air vent sanitizing is often used when people have allergies or are relocating to a new home. Air duct sanitizing is quite effective in reducing odors trapped inside the vents.

A-1 Environmental Services also offers other services to improve and maintain a healthy indoor air environment for its clients. A-1 Environmental is Air-Care Certified in Air Duct Cleaning and Decontamination, as well as Indoor Air Quality Testing & Assessment.

Commercial Dryer Vent Cleaning

Vent Cleaning in Stockton and San Jose CA - Lack of air duct maintenance is the major reason for dryer fires. Lint, which is a hidden fire hazard, is the material most likely to ignite. Even a cleaned lint screen traps as little as 75% of the lint. When lint accumulates in dryer vents, the dryer’s electric motor has to labor harder and can easily overheat, setting the lint on fire.

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